Young Boys Capture Muskie Eating Muskrat On Film!

The Fish’n Canada Show has a well documented past with the Muskellenge, and we have had various encounters with one of North America’s top freshwater predators, but nothing quite like this!

While visiting their grandmother’s Minnesota lakeside residence in 2017, the Starry brothers Tyler, 10, and Brad, 13, caught an extraordinary sight on film while fishing off the dock: a huge Muskie devouring a muskrat! 

Basically, this giant freaking huge, I don’t even know what this is, a muskie or something. It’s eating a muskrat,” one of the boys says in the clip while his awe-struck brother repeatedly yells “it’s huge!” in the background.

The video doesn’t show if the muskrat survived, but, as anyone who has ever hooked one of these beasts knows, once a muskie has the bite, it very rarely releases it. Muskie can have upwards of 700 teeth and are typically 70–120 cm (28–48 inches) long and weigh 7–16.5 kg (15–36 lb),  though some have reached up to 1.8 m (6 ft) and almost 30 kg (70 lb). They are  voracious and deadly, consuming mice, rats, frogs, ducks, other fish, muskrats, and even other muskie! And if that’s not enough to fill their stomachs, they have even been documented to take the odd nip at a human.

The Fish’n Canada Show would like to congratulate the young anglers for their awesome footage. Keep on Fish’n’!

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