Not Just for Bass Boats: How Shallow Water Anchors Can Change Your Small-Vessel Fishing Experience

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As you may have heard on our podcast, Outdoor Journal Radio, we have recently partnered with Power-Pole!

This partnership is extremely exciting for us here at Fish’n Canada, not only because they are now bringing the Power-Pole Fan Question of the Week to our podcast, and contests to, but because we can now FINALLY talk to you about all the products that have been allowing us to fish so effectively in shallow water over the last five years. One of which, is the Power-Pole Micro.

Since we announced our partnership and launched our Micro Anchor Give-Away, we have been getting flooded with questions about their application, effectiveness, capabilities, and, frankly, what they even are. Today, we want to clear all of this up! Here is everything you need to know about the Power-Pole Micro Anchors and how they can be used to improve your fishing experience this season.

1) How deep do these anchors go?

The anchoring poles are 6 and 8 feet long. Realistically that works out to anchoring in approximately 5 and 7 feet deep. Remember these are “shallow water anchors” and are designed to keep you in place in areas where a traditional anchor would be intrusive and impractical. They are also excellent for kayaks, canoes, and other small vessels where heavy, awkward anchors are difficult or impossible to pack.

2) How well do they really hold you in place?

We have tried the Micro Pole many times and it works great, especially on a soft bottom where the pole can really dig in. As with any anchor, smooth, hard bottoms can pose issues but rarely can you not find a place to lock in.

3) How big of a boat can they support?

Power-Pole Micro Spike Driver can hold Jon boats and small skiffs up to 1,500 lbs (including passengers) and is perfect for kayaks and paddle boards. For reference, your average 16ft Princecraft Aluminum boat only weighs roughly 300 lbs (not including motor and gear).

4) Is the Power-Pole Micro hard to install?

The Power Pole in this contest is one of the easiest accessories you’ll ever install on your rig. First, make sure it is fully charged. Then you simply slip it onto the transom (we’ve even attached it to the gunwale) of your boat, tighten the bracket, and drop in the spike. Then you run it with the remote. Honestly, it’s simple and quick to do.

5) Do I have to upgrade my battery system?

No, we have run both the Micro Poles as well as the full-sized Blades (10’) and our boat batteries (both lithium and AGM) handled the situation well. We run a shut-off power switch for the Blades to ensure no power to and from the pumps is being used when the boat is off the water. As for our prize unit, it has its own battery pack so absolutely no need to worry.

6) Are these compatible with any of the sonar brands for control?

The Micro Power Pole is independent of all sonar brands. It functions on its own simply as a shallow water anchor

7) Do you think these types of anchors are damaging to the lake and river bottoms?

No, and in fact we feel they are better for the environment. If you compare the ¾” end of the Spike sticking into the lake or river bottom, to a conventional fluke-style anchor, the Power Pole ends up being much better for the environment.

8) What kind of fishing are these anchors best suited for?

Anything in shallow water! The name Power-Pole is connected heavily with the world of bass fishing (and for good reason, by the way) but these anchors can allow you to stay on top of any species that swims the shallows.

Fly fishermen, in particular, use these anchors frequently when fishing the flats in salt water, but they can be just as applicable for those sending streamers along shallow, pike-filled weed flats or a crankbait along a walleye-holding weed edge. The only limitation of these anchors is the depth, which, as stated above, maxes out at around the 7-foot mark.

But don’t just take our word for it. Right now, on, Power-Pole is giving you the chance to get a Micro Shallow Water Anchor on your boat FOR FREE. Check out the link below for more details and be sure to check out the Outdoor Journal Radio podcast for more from Power-Pole and the boys from Fish’n Canada!

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