POLL: Which Type of Fishing do you Prefer?

2021 is here, and it’s time to bring back our Fish’n Canada Polls!
Don’t forget to hit share after you vote and let us know WHY you chose your answer in the comments. The question this week is:
Which Type of Fishing do you Prefer?

27 Replies to “POLL: Which Type of Fishing do you Prefer?”

    1. I have to prefer freshwater fishing because I live so far from the Atlantic or Pacific. The great lakes and inland fishing allows so much diversity for us. No one should be disappointed with the opportunity to enjoy nature and wetting a line.

  1. Love both types, but fresh water is the way to go for me living in my area. Not more than a half hour drive to Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair and the Detroit river. All excellent fishin’ holes for several species.

  2. I prefer any open water fishing from a boat. I don’t handle the cold as well as I used to when I was younger and I find the bugs are usually worse when shore fishing.

  3. Loved salt water when lived on the coast. Now am really enjoying fresh water in Alberta. Tough choice. I guess still have to go B.C. salmon and Halibut is my favorite.

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