Amazon rainforest – August 31, 2019

The Amazon rainforest is burning. Experts consider the rate of land clearing and number of forest fires as an international catastrophe that will affect us all. Dr. Nigel Sizer is a rainforest expert having worked for years with many countries, to secure the future of rainforests. Dr. Sizer joins Angelo to discuss how land clearing will affect all of us, and what can be done to preserve these important ecosystems.

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  1. catch 22 here .. how can you stop people from earning a living? The Brazilian Government does nothing to discourage or stop this practice , even in most cases encouraging it. This is their economic right to better themselves. We in the developed nations of the world look at this as a catastrophic happening. yet when this first came to public awareness at the G7 meetings . Where the so called leading nations of the world meet .. they pledged financial aid ,manpower and equipment to fight the fires .. the Brazilian reaction .. no thanks we can look after it … in other words MYOB. How about the equally if not greater fires burning in Siberia? This is all part of climate change be it man made or natural with man expediting it.
    We can pour all out financial resources into trying to stop or reverse it .. it will not happen .. sorry folks the pendulum has swung too far.. there is no stopping it. this will happen and at a frightening pace this is not a linear progression.. this is exponential it feeds on and off itself.. look what is happening .. just a few degrees and we have polar ice disappearing pouring fresh water into the oceans, glaciers melting faster than they are forming.. disappearing.. all this fresh water is changing the salinity of the oceans . altering ocean currents. Tropical storms becoming hurricanes at alarming rates, more intense and frequent. Sorry people this will happen man is powerless to stop it, Enjoy the time we have left. the Capitalist way of life has left way too many people without enough to live. let them have their fires to clear the land .. give them some economic freedom. .. what will it do speed this up by a few years or decades ??
    .. people fear terrorism, war, economic collapse… look what is happening on the 3rd rock from the sun? There will be a massive climate collapse cleansing the earth as has happened in the past.. there maybe survivors they will be starting the new population to inhabit the earth .. good luck!

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