From Ice Fishing To Scuba Diving We Cover It All

Why Not Scuba Dive On Your Winter Getaway
If you’re heading south for a winter getaway, Brian Pallock from Dive Source in Oshawa, offers his advice for those who enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling.

Ontario’s Bear Hunt
The government proposal for the spring bear hunt is posted on the Environmental Registry. The final date for public comment is February 18th. Keith Beasley from the popular TV hunting adventure program, Canada in the Rough, offers his views on the proposal.

Winter Camping Is It For You
The Happy Camper, Kevin Callan, has completed a winter camping trip in the wilderness. What is the allure that puts Kevin in a sleeping bag on a cold winter’s night?

Chaga the King of Herbs
The Chaga mushroom king, Jerry Ouellette is back. Chaga is actually a fungus found on white birch trees. The medicinal benefits of the “King of Herbs” has been known for centuries. Angelo discusses his experience with Chaga.

When Are Fish Less Active In The Winter
The Doc is the award-winning columnist and fishing editor for Outdoor Canada magazine the best coast to coast hunting, fishing and outdoors magazine in the country, on this weekends show Gord talks about the period during the winter when the fish are less active and hard to catch.


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