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This week on Outdoor Journal Radio, Ang and Pete are joined by Fish’n Canada’s own Rick Dolishny for a walk down memory lane and a look inside a new venture that will change the way anglers look at accommodations.

First, however, a bit of housekeeping was in order. Topics discussed included: cracking the code on our new look; Party Marty; why we don’t spend enough time in Manitoba; Maple Syrup season; real poaching charges; abusing the fisheries act; losing a $60,000 fish; and stolen trailers.

With those matters out of the way, Rick joins the show from a virtual, Maynooth yurt! Topics discussed included: how kitty litter became the Outdoor Journal logo; animation’s role on a fishing show; Mallard mating calls; the Piranhas of Lake Simcoe; letters from Pixar; Rick’s introduction to the road; hot wiring boats; yurts; invisible cottages; and much more!

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Rick Dolishny

Rick Dolishny is a long-time editor at The Fish’n Canada Show and is the man behind many of your favourite Fish’n Canada and Outdoor Journal Radio moments, animations, ads, and logos!

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