The Ugly Pike Podcast: Early Fall Musky Fishing with Alex Boutin – Episode 73

Fall Musky Trolling

As the Ugly Pike Podcast crew prepares for their upcoming trip, friend of the show Alex Boutin chats with Chris and Frank about early fall musky fishing. Topics range from the importance of timing and efficiency to navigating the tough and ever-changing conditions of the fall season.  The discussion ends with an in-depth talk about when, why and how to troll, and how to dissect the water column to find those inactive giants!

Early Fall Musky Fishing

The conversation brings the Ugly Pike co-hosts back to the similarities between two seemingly disparate (but equally challenging) hobbies: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and musky fishing.

Key topics for this particular episode include the importance of timing and efficiency in hunting elusive muskies, and how to effectively navigate the seasonal weather challenges inherent to early fall musky fishing.

Then, the conversation turns to when and why to use trolling during fall musky fishing. The co-hosts and their guest discuss the specifics of their trolling equipment and tactics. Specifically, they share how to effectively dissect the water column to find fish. And, more importantly, how to specifically target big musky.

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