Top 5 Musky Baits From Musky Fishing Experts

Musky Baits


If you travel anywhere in the vicinity of the Ottawa River and musky fishing is on your mind, then John Anderson of Ottawa River Musky Factory fame will pop up quickly. John is a professional fishing guide that has built a world-class reputation on musky fishing in his area.

We’ve shot television episodes and posted some podcast interviews with John on more than one occasion, and he’s always come through with exciting video sequences and wise words.

Here are two of John’s favourite musky baits:

Inline Blades

Why? Because double-bladed inlines catch over half the fish every year.*  The world loves #10-size blades and flashabou.  I like #8s better because they give off a different signature in the water than what the fish are used to; they are way easier to cast and reel in, and they catch just as many fish.

Favourite Blade: Musky Factory Sonix. It has a vibrating bell, and that makes it even more different than all the other inlines fish see these days. Killer good in stained or dirty water and in the dark.

*John keeps close records on all fish caught during every single trip since it is to his benefit in producing future fish for his customers.

Top Water Baits

Why? Cause it’s the most fun you can have musky fishing!

Favourite flavours: Big Mamas and Weagles when “Walkin’ The Dog”** is what they need.

**In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past three decades, John’s reference is to a technique in which the stick-style topwater (technique started with a Zara Spook) comes back in a staggered, zig-zagging, back and forth pattern. From Bass to Pike to Musky to a multitude of saltwater species, Walkin’ The Dog just plain works!

Pete’s Opinion On John’s Choices

I’ve fished enough with John now to know that whatever he says or recommends, I need to listen to! Especially when fishing his home water, the Ottawa River. I’ve personally thrown the Musky Factory blades in the colour pictured (Johnny A) with double 8s. That particular bait saved our shoot. I threw it with total confidence, and it came through. As for the Weagle, I haven’t personally Walked The Dog for musky yet, but I certainly have done it for Bass and Pike. Let’s just say, it’s an awesome technique both in how it produces and in sheer fun. I can only imagine what it’s like when a 45-inch musky wakes behind and then annihilates a Weagle or a Big Mama!


Well, there you have it: The Top 5 Musky Baits as selected by two of North America’s premiere musky-fishing experts. Come this musky season, tie on one or two of these suggestions, stick with them in confidence and, eventually, things will pay off.

Best of luck, and keep Fluffy on a leash!

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