Fish Talk – Confidence

Hiya folks,

What’s the most important ingredient in fishing that you cannot buy? Of course, it’s confidence.

If you believe you can, you will. And most folks can’t understand how important the mental side of fishing is. If you believe you’re gonna catch fish, most times you will.

On the other hand, if you believe, I don’t have the right rod or the right lure, or you think, I’m not gonna catch fish today, usually, you don’t. We’re self-fulfilling prophets.

Here’s the really interesting thing: At this year’s Bassmaster Classic, there was a million dollar prize for the winner, and the top 50 elite anglers in the world were competing. One of the visiting media gurus visited with every one of the top anglers and said, “I want your prediction on who’s gonna win.” Guess who they chose. Themselves.

And y’know what? To be successful, you have to have that kind of confidence.

Happy Fish’n,Gord “The Doc” Pyzer

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