Fish Talk – Docks

Hiya folks,

Here’s today’s question: We’re gonna launch on a pretty popular lake here with lots of docks on it and docks are probably the best man-made cover that you can fish around. But what are the best docks? How do you know if you should go to this one or if you should fish this patch over here instead? Especially on a lake where there might be a couple hundred docks. Or a couple thousand even.

The secret is to look for the areas where there’s maybe a string of five, six, or seven docks as opposed to two- or three-hundred all in a row. If you can find those isolated patches of docks, they’re so much better.

Now, here’s the other thing: Take a look at your lake map and say, “Where would I fish on this lake?” And if you put docks over top of those key structures—find those great key structural areas and key
cover areas then put docks over top—they are the classics. They’re the best docks you can fish in the entire system, a dock over top of the classic structure.

Happy Fish’n,Gord “The Doc” Pyzer

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