Fish Talk – Drop Shot Sinker Colour

Hiya folks,

I want to tell you a little secret today. It’s actually a drop shot secret—and dropshotting is so
popular right now for Walleye, Bass and just about everything that swims.

Of course, dropshotting is when you put your bait where the sinker might normally be and you actually put your sinker down below. And this way you can put it on the bottom—you can put the sinker right on the bottom—and your bait’s hovering right in front of the fish.

Now, here’s the secret that a lot of the top guys are using right now: What they’re doing is matching the colour of their drop shot sinker to the colour of the bottom. So if they’re fishing over sand, they’ve got a sandy-coloured drop shot weight; if they’re fishing over mud, it’s a black weight; and if they’re fishing along a weed edge, it’s a green sinker. That way they camouflage the sinker; the fish never, ever see it—all they see is that bait hovering right in front of their face.

Give it a try this year. It’s the difference between two or three fish and half a dozen, maybe a dozen or more.

Happy Fish’n,Gord “The Doc” Pyzer

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