Fish Talk – Isolated Cover

Hiya folks,

I’m down fishing on Lake of the Woods here at one of my all-time favourite Smallmouth spots. It’s a little tiny finger that runs out from shore with half a dozen boulders on it and unless you look really, really hard you’ll never find it.

That’s the key of today’s message. Today’s tip is you should always be looking for these little isolated pieces of structure and cover. Y’know, everybody tends to go into the bay and they look for the hundred acres of cabbage, or they look for the two-hundred acres of pencil reeds, or the gigantic shoals with boulders underneath for Walleye.

While those places can be good, they’re so obvious they become the community holes and they tend to get fished down a lot. If you’re looking for those untouched places that no one ever fishes, some of the biggest and the most fish you’re ever gonna find, look for those little tiny isolated pieces of structure and cover. When you do that you’ll be fishing in heaven!

Happy Fish’n,Gord “The Doc” Pyzer

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