Hotspot – Channel Oriented Walleye

Kaby Lake – N48° 53.069’ W 84° 28.954’

Today’s Hotspot is a small channel separating two bays on Kaby Lake. The waypoint on your screen will get you there.

If you saw Angelo’s past show on Kaby, you would have noticed quite a similarity between his Pike Hotspot to mine. The truth is, since the bait population was so ridiculously high at this time, the Walleye were hanging here just like the Northerns. My Hotspot is literally a cast away from Ang’s. The difference, however, is that all the Walleye were set up in the deepest part of the channel. By popping a jerkbait or hopping a jig right in the channel gut, I caught fish all day long. With so many game fish available you would think it would be like catching fish in a barrel, but by having to compete with the massive group of baitfish, it did take some work. This area typically dries up in the summer so get here early!

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