Hotspot – St. John Muskie Challunge

St. John River – N 46° 04.449′ W 67° 33.351′

Today’s Hotspot is the area where Lindon caught his winning fish during the Muskie Challunge. The waypoint on your screen will get you there.

Incidentally, this Hotspot is very close to where Angelo caught his giant last year while fishing with buddy Steve Niedzwiecki. Remember, muskie fishing is all about covering water—this is when trolling becomes a very effective presentation. Big crankbaits are the #1 lure on the St. John and most anglers try to imitate the colour of a local baitfish called Gaspereau (more commonly known as Alewife). When this “match the hatch” method isn’t working, then deviate from the norm and try something that totally doesn’t make any sense—trust us, it’s worked before and it will work again.

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