Surprise! Lake Trout? Really??

This was a great big surprise! About 15 years ago I bought a Swim Whizz, perch style as I have always wanted to catch a big northern pike or muskie in one of my excursions. My brother and cousin have wall mounts of fish over 20lbs and I have never caught one over 5 lbs! […]

fishing trouts on small bridge

good place  small trouts humm breakfest at his best 

Lake trout fishing

Lake Trout fishing on Lake Superior is always a must do when you have the time to get out with family an friends 

Lassoed a Trout

When I was ice fishing as a kid I was jigging a hole when suddenly my line felt oddly heavy – but I could not feel any fish fighting. I reeled up and lo and behold a small lake trout had got lassoed in the middle of the line because of my agressive jigging. The […]

Jumping Trout

My dad and I were fishing Douglas Lake and got caught in a rain storm. Just as it hit the fish started to hit the lines. We had a hard time getting the fish in the boat before the next fish hit. Ran out of bait and we just used fish parts next. They were […]

this was to be a trout derby

at the time my first walleye   at a trout derby in the fall, pretty skinny

Trophy Lake Trout

I’m a guy that’s always loved the outdoor an always waiting for a new adventure. I’m always trying new lakes in sask or alberta seeing what each body of water holds. If I’m not doing that in backpacking the backcountry of alberta hunting an chasing big game. 

First Lake Trout

My fondest childhood fishing memory is the first lake trout I ever caught, landed with my dad’s help!  Probably my proudest moment as a kid. This photo brings me back to evenings at the cottage in Haliburton where we’d troll around and watch the sun start to dip on the horizon.

Fishing for Trout and more….

I remember when I was young I had on uncle Louis and we used to go fishing in creeks and rivers for trout . And he had a habit of smoking cigar from his saying he would say “mosquitoes won’t be around to bother us” . Never the less he was right even if we […]

Algonquin Spring Trout

“Things fishermen know about trout aren’t facts, but articles of faith.“ —John Gierach To many park users, trout fishing defines Algonquin. Hundreds of anglers dream of the yearly ritual of heading out on opening season day, paddling and portaging deep into the interior in search of trophy square tails and fat lakers, praying the ice […]