A Letter from the Editor: Fish’n Canada’s Latest Hire

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Writing about yourself is never an easy task. But when you’re soon to start writing for one of the largest and most loyal fishing audiences in the country, introductions are surely necessary.

My name is Dean Taylor and I am the new Editor here at FishnCanada.com. My journey to Fish’n Canada started west of Toronto in a small town placed conveniently between the Credit and Grand River – Georgetown, Ontario

Although some of the best Steelhead and Brown Trout waters were just outside my backdoor, my dad was not a trout angler and I, therefore, was not either. Instead, my dad, mom, brother, and I spent our summers on the lakes to the north, fishing for pike at a family cottage in Muskoka and venturing up to my grandfather’s cabin in Elliot Lake anytime we could afford the 8-hour drive. Until I was 18, this is how my weekends were spent. Constantly driving to bass tournaments in the south and cabins in the north, balancing school and hockey schedules along the way.

Once high school was done and my hockey dreams had died, I decided, like many Ontarians, to head west. School, I suppose, was my formal reason for making the move, however, my real goal was to learn more about fish and become a better angler in the process. This led to a 4-year fishing trip, disguised as a Fish and Wildlife (later Natural Resource Management) degree, in the heart of northern British Columbia where I toured the province with a group of like-minded fish nerds, writing about my experiences, and morphing from a wannabe bass pro into a fly fishing trout bum.

After completing a degree, guiding for a summer, and eventually returning back to southern Ontario, I now find myself somewhere in the middle of these two things. I still love fly fishing for Bull Trout as much as I love jigging for walleye and I have absolutely no shame in picking up a pack of senkos or floating a bead down a river.

Simply put, I just love to fish. And now, blessed with the opportunity to work as a writer and editor alongside some of the greatest minds in the fishing industry, I can’t wait to share this passion and dive deeper into fishing with all of you.

Dean Taylor

Dean Taylor is Fish’n Canada’s Digital Editor, Content Manager, and the Producer of Outdoor Journal Radio. Growing up in southern Ontario, Dean’s passion for fishing has taken him all over the continent – from fly fishing in BC to bass tournaments in Alabama to walleye guiding in northern Ontario. With past work seen in magazines such as Outdoor Canada, Dean now shares his unique experiences with the Fish’n Canada audience.

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