A New Chapter In Total Boat Control

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In the world of marketing, there is a term known as a proprietary eponym. And you have likely been using them.

This is when a brand becomes so dominant in its category that the brand name becomes more common than the name of the actual product. Band-Aids (bandages), Tupperware (food storage containers), Velcro (hook and loop fasteners), and Jet Skis (personal watercraft) are all classic examples of this.

In the world of bass fishing, Power-Pole has become a proprietary eponym for their shallow water anchor systems, despite plenty of competition existing in the space. Now, they are taking their shot at trolling motors, with the innovative and powerful Power-Pole Move. Here are some of the key features that they are saying sets it apart.

1) Durability

Species like Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, and even occasionally Walleye, take you into some really shallow areas, and these can wreak havoc on your bow-mounted trolling motor.

With the Move, Power-Pole says the solution is Aerospace Grade Titanium and Compound Fail-Safes that are designed to keep you moving in the weediest and rockiest of areas, backed up by a lifetime, unconditional warranty.

Moreover, every trolling motor also features Multi-layered Corrosion Resistants that are perfect for saltwater anglers who are looking for a lasting product.

2) Quietness

Power-Pole describes their new trolling motor as whisper silent and makes the bold claim of being quieter not only to the leading industry motors but more silent than nature itself.

This is reportedly achieved with their innovative brushless technology using what they are calling a Power Unity System. According to their website, this means every component designed for the brushless motor is custom-engineered to optimize every aspect of performance, allowing Move to deliver more power at significantly lower RPMs resulting in incredible thrust, unparalleled efficiency and a whisper-silent operation on a level never known to be possible.

3) Efficiency

According to their website, the new Power-Pole Move provides 30% more thrust than leading industry trolling motors, giving anglers the ability to plow through even the thickest of vegetation.

This is further supported by the prop which is designed, tested, and tailored to maximize durability, thrust, efficiency, and noise reduction while shredding through anything in your way. This means no more storage space wasted on spare props and no more hesitancy approaching those weed-filled, Largemouth-holding bays.

4) Advanced Technology

The modern angler demands more of their trolling motor than simple propulsion and the Power-Pole Move provides a host of technological features that will enhance the way you fish.

For starters, Move comes ready with an advanced array of finely-tuned GPS navigation features, giving surgical precision levels of boat control. This is key when fishing in the wind or on small pieces of structure, like humps and ledges, that require near-perfect boat control.

Furthermore, Vector Mode is designed to keep you running in a perfectly straight line, taking boat control completely out of your hands when trolling a bank or fishing a flat. If you’re looking to deviate from a straight path, Follow-A-Route and Compass Heading allow you to set a path on your fishfinder that will be precisely followed while you fish.

Speaking of fishfinder, the Move also comes with a built-in transducer, compatible with most fishfinder either directly or with the use of an adapter.

For more information on the Move, check out Power-Pole’s full breakdown at the link below!


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