Garmin’s “Ultra High Definition” Gets Even Better

When we heard that Garmin was about to offer an even better transducer than their already amazing GT 54 & 34 units, it was total excitement. We are already so happy with the 34 & 54’s performance that anything better, well it’s almost hard to believe.

Garmin says it wants to aid anglers who want to take their fishing to the next level with the clearest and highest resolution data from a Garmin scanning sonar. Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales says, “With optimized SideVü performance and multiple sonar frequencies, these new transducers easily adapt to all fishing styles and bodies of water, so anglers can cover more area than ever before.”

Both the new GT56 and GT36 transducers offer UHD (Ultra High Definition) ClearVü and SideVü scanning sonar, and as well, the UHD SideVü sonar now has 20% greater range at 1,000 kHz. This extra range along with better detail will be a great aid for those who rely on side-scanning.

This multi-purpose GT56 transducer also presents high wide CHIRP traditional sonar with excellent target separation and definition up to 800 feet below the boat (can you imagine seeing big Bluefin Tuna on this screen?). With multiple scanning sonar frequencies, anglers can make simple adjustments for the waters they’re fishing. Both the GT56 and GT36 deliver 455 kHz, 800 kHz, and 1,000 kHz for improved scanning performance at varying depths.

These transducers also support Garmin’s new high-contrast vivid scanning sonar color palettes, making it easier to distinguish fish from structure based on the user’s preferences and fishing conditions. With seven new vivid color options added, Garmin now offers a choice of 16 color palettes.

And finally, Garmin will also offer new ECHOMAP™UHD “sv” and ECHOMAP Ultra bundles with the GT56 transducer included. That’s great news for someone looking to buy a new unit (maybe a Christmas present for that “fishing” crazed loved one???)

The GT36 & GT56 are also soon to be available at Radioworld.

Check out the remarkable detail that can be obtained with the new GT56UHD transducer. This is genuinely exciting!

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