More Boat Launches To Be Opening

We have been hearing of more boat launches opening up throughout Ontario but ALL with cautions put out with regards to the practice of physical distancing. No close contact with anyone around the launching areas; leave lots of room from vehicle to vehicle, and keep at least 2 meters away from others in the same boat (for those who live at different addresses).

Thanks to all who have been posting on our Fish’n Canada social pages with information and links towards this subject.

This is what we’ve heard so far:


The town of Tweed has recently opened up two launches on Stoco Lake: the Cosy Cove Boat Launch and the Tweed Public Boat Launch. Go here for the story.


The City of Sarnia has reopened the boat launch at Sarnia Bay situated on the St. Clair River.

Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley says that they will continue to monitor the use of the launch and if people are abusing it, they will deal with it through the normal process. Here’s the story.


We saw a social post that the Marmora town ramp opened last week.


Again, via social media, we read “On May 14th the municipality named The City of Kawartha Lakes plans to reopen most of their public launches.”

note: “The City of Kawartha Lakes” is just one municipality within the region and does NOT encompass all of the Kawarthas.

As per the Kawartha Lakes website:

Boat Launches; We are preparing to open public boat launches across the municipality Thursday, May 14.


Through a reliable resource, the main launches in Belleville and Trenton are now open or are very soon to open up.

So far the Trenton Freshco launch is open and the George & Herchimer launches in Belleville are open (docks are barricaded to prevent people from gathering but ramps are clear).


Thanks to Lewis Lambert for the following info:

The provincial emergency order required the closure of marinas; however, boat launches were not included.  Accordingly, Township staff are installing dock systems to allow for the opening of the following boat launches. Physical distancing measures must be followed and please keep 6 feet from others. Go here for the story.

Muskrat Boat Launches:                    Monday, May 4, 2020

Ottawa River Boat Launches:           Monday, May 11, 2020


Thanks to Amy Whitehorne Mackie who posted “Marathon opened yesterday with very specific launching and parking instructions.”


Thanks to Shirley Reeds for the following: All boat launches in Kearney, Ontario are open.

As per the Kearney website: “Boat Ramps and Trails are OPEN for use. Please respect Social Distancing guidelines.”

HUNTSVILLE & ALMAGUIN (eastern half of Parry Sound District)

Thanks to Rick Thomas for this: “Huntsville and Almaguin launches have been opened.”


According to a social post on our Fish’n Canada Facebook page by Kyle Nead, Chatham-Kent public launches never closed. Only marinas.


This is what we have discovered so far. We assume that more are open, we just haven’t heard specifics.

Thanks to all who have kept us in the loop via social posts and please, if you find any new information on launching details across Canada, keep us notified.

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  1. I will reiterate this again:

    We are all aware the Corona Virus pandemic has hit the fishing industry hard. Now, with the thought of boat launches opening up in Ontario, ceremonial launch sequences in the process and Baptismal Christenings of the fishing season planned out, it is only a matter of time before we hit back.

    Hold on, let’s not get too complacent. I know there are two sides to the argument, but going off willy-nilly, Hades bent on catching up to what was lost is absolutely no excuse for non compliance to the safety regulations temporarily in place. I am also aware that some Anglers for whatever reason, think these restrictions are a joke and will continuously look for every loop hole known to man. That is just human nature of the beast when psychological confinement puts a crimp in their life style. Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose!

    Have fun pursuing your quarry in the next little while but remember there is a deadly enemy stalking YOU ! The Corona Virus can not be seen, heard, smelled, tasted of even felt until it is too late. Your pride will tend to deafen you to the advice or warnings of those around you.

    So remember when launching your boat this season, he that gives good advice, builds with one hand; he that gives good counsel and example, builds with both; but he that gives good admonition and bad example, builds with one hand and pulls down with the other. Which one are you?!

    1. Well Ladies and Gentlemen, it did not take long for the 2020 boating season to get off to a disastrous beginning. According to two people died in a double marine fatality Saturday after a canoe capsized off Manitoulin Island. Kyle Jokinen, 31, of Whitefish and David Adamczak, 29, of Espanola pronounced dead at the scene

      On May 9 around 2:15 p.m., Manitoulin Ontario Provincial Police (O.P.P.) received reports of a body floating near the shore of Mudge Bay near Old Mill Road in Kagawong. Officers responded to the scene, where they located the first individual in question near a second, both of whom passed away before police arrived.

      Further investigation into the incident revealed that the two individuals had been fishing when their canoe capsized. Neither of the men has been wearing a life jacket. They were later identified as 31-year-old Kyle Jokinen from Whitefish and 29-year-old David Adamczack from Espanola.

      The investigation moving forward will be conducted under the direction of the Officer of the Chief Coroner and the Forensic Pathology Service.

      “Most drownings happen unexpectedly when small boats capsize or someone falls overboard,” said OPP in a press release. “Use of an approved life jacket or Personal Floatation Device (P.F.D.) is well documented to dramatically increase your chances of surviving a boating incident”.

      I can not stress this enough, “Put the life back in Life Jackets!” Make it mandatory that everyone on your boat this season wears the proper Personal Floatation Device! No exceptions!!

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