No Catch Policy: An Important Message For Our Fans

As avid anglers, we spend most of our waking hours trying to figure out how to catch. We constantly expose ourselves to the best possible conditions for catching. Catching is what we do best.

Well, things have changed, during these rather unprecedented times catching is something we all must desperately try and avoid. The novel coronavirus has temporarily rocked our world and it’s now up to us to get it back in order.

It’s extremely important that all of us do our part to bring this pandemic to its knees. Like all other global catastrophes before it, this one too will come to an end and catching will once again be what we do best.

Here at Pine Post Productions, we are following all protocols recommended by the World Health Organization and the Canadian government to ensure the health and welfare of our families and fellow team members.

We urge everyone to do the same, we need to hunker down and physically disconnect for a while. Unfortunately, social distancing must become a part of our lives for the next little while. A small price to pay today for a healthy world tomorrow.

We will endeavor to produce and broadcast our television, radio and internet products, The Fish’n Canada Show, Outdoor Journal Radio and for as long as we can. Regardless of where we may be working from, you can rest assured that we are fully committed to you, our loyal fans, followers, and friends.

So, as we all go off into our individual self-isolation modes, we can take comfort in knowing that our great outdoors and the many wonderful experiences that it has shared with us will be there waiting when all of this insanity is over. We will once again resume the lifestyle that brought us all together in the first place; the pursuit of the outdoors and the enjoyment of fishing. Now, let’s go kick some COVID-19 butt!

– Ang & Pete

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