Pandemic Effects on Boat Sales – It May Surprise You!

As we all know, the Covid 19 pandemic has wreaked havoc throughout the world. The obvious negative results are illness and the death toll on human lives. Something that we will never get back.

Another negative is the economy. Businesses involved in the food and restaurant industry, retail stores, tourism (including many fishing lodges), transportation, manufacturing, and more have all been hit hard.

Then of course are the reductions in income as well as a rise in unemployment. This truly is a global disaster – for some.

On the other side of the coin, certain industries are having a banner “pandemic” year with sales going through the roof and so far, it is not slowing down.

One such sector is the boating industry.

The latest National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) newsletter reports some astounding numbers. They state that in the US, “2020 was an extraordinary year for new powerboat sales” and they attribute it to the pandemic. From what we have heard from dealerships, Princecraft and Mercury, the same goes for Canada.

Here are a few of the NMMA sales stats:

  • Personal Watercraft: estimated to be up 8 percent to 82,000 units in 2020
  • Wake Boats: estimated to be up 20 percent to 13,000 units in 2020.
  • Freshwater Fishing Boats and Pontoons Boats: expected to be up 12 percent to 143,000 units.
Family fishing from boat
Pontoon boats, wake boats, PWC’s and fishing boats have all showed a significant sales increase during the pandemic.

Are you one of those that are surprised or are you one of those that are saying “I knew it”?

For the complete newsletter on these plus stats on the industry’s size, makeup and demographics, check out this NMMA article.

This link will help you stay abreast of the Canadian boating industry.

9 Replies to “Pandemic Effects on Boat Sales – It May Surprise You!”

  1. As they say, “There are two sides to every coin.” One more tarnished than the other, as we see during this pandemic. The great outdoors has always brought about temporary distractions from the hustle and bustle of every day life. Now more than ever, it has become a precious and necessary commodity.

    With traditional summer activities and travel plans largely on hold, people are seeking safe ways to enjoy the season amid the Corona Virus pandemic. One popular approach is recreational boating. But please, always follow proper hygiene and other health protocols at boat docks and other areas where people tend to congregate.

    This Pandemic in not over by a long shot. The sooner you change your complacent behavior, the sooner we can all get back to normal. Remember, the brave doctors, nurses and other health care workers, are depending on you! They need your help, now!

  2. I am suprised by the numbers and at the same time I’m not. People are looking to get over all those restrictions the best they can. Many of us can’t stand to stay barricade at home, so we renew with nature. The sales of the RV’s went up also. Here in Alberta, summer 2020 was special for going camping or fishing, everything was booked solid in the camping sites and the crown land was also packed… There was a lot of new outdoor equipment out there, boats, RV’s, vehicles off road…

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