The Ugly Pike Podcast: 2020 Year in Review – Episode 80

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Chris and Frank take a look back at how an otherwise challenging year produced some epic time on the water, as well as incredible guests and milestones. The Ugly Pike Podcast surpassed 100,000 unique downloads and interviewed some of the greatest muskie angling minds on the planet, amassing some incredible tips and information from subject matter experts like Jim Saric, Doug Wegner, Pete Bowman, and many more.

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Ugly Pike

Ugly Pike Podcast was started in June 2017 by two lifelong anglers and friends, Chris Walter and Frank Ungaro. Started initially as a casual and fun project to bolster their own knowledge of muskie fishing, the podcast quickly caught fire and grew to unexpected heights. In under 2 years, the show has seen almost 33,000 downloads and has had the honour of interviewing esteemed muskie angling experts such as Angelo Viola, Gord Pyzer, Al Lindner, John Anderson, and many, many more. The Ugly Pike Studio is located steps away from Chris and Frank’s home water – the challenging Niagara River, but they travel frequently across Ontario in search of the next great esox giant! Chris and Frank plan on further developing the podcast and fishing all over North America where muskies are found.

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