Did You Know? – Big Bancroft Bass

Did you know that the Bancroft area of Ontario consistently produces some of the biggest Bass in the province? Lakes like Paudash, Elephant, Baptiste, Weslemkoon and Limerick all produce eye-popping Largemouth and Smallmouth season after season and have done so for many years.

Perhaps it’s the higher elevation, the quality of the water, or an abundance of high-protein food sources. Maybe it’s due to geographic location and lower fishing pressure. The closest city is Belleville—an hour and a half away. Torontonians, you have to drive two and a half hours before you hit Ontario’s big Bass country.

Whatever the reason, “there’s hogs in them-there hills.”

As with most fishing, there is no guarantee for an absolute giant. However, this is a high percentage area.

If your passion is catching, photographing and releasing big Bass then take a couple of days and investigate the many lakes of Ontario’s Bancroft region.

Just another reason to Go Fish in Ontario.

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