Hotspot – Brace Lake Bonanza

Brace Lake – N 50° 34.937’ W 87° 18.040’

Today’s Hotspot is directly in front of Brace Lake Lodge. The waypoint on your screen will get you there.

This is a very well known and consistent area to catch big Northern Pike and if you’re lucky, a chunky Walleye or two could be in the mix as well. Trolling big wobbling plugs is your best bet here and you can cover a vast amount of water in a limited amount of time.

Make sure you vary your trolling speeds and throw in the odd turn or even a Figure 8 with the boat. Once you make contact with a big fish, mark the area and try a few more passes close by, as these monsters could be working a school of baitfish in the vicinity. Casting or drifting are secondary options but are overall less effective than trolling.

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