Peterborough Carp

“Wow” is a word I use when I’m astounded with a great fishery that I just experienced… and it’s well called for after my most recent trip to the city of Peterborough ON, and in particular the Otonabee River, which runs smack dab through the city.

Earlier this year I attended a meeting with Ontario, as well as Peterborough & Kawarthas tourism people, about how we could collectively bring more attention to the great fishing the Kawartha’s has to offer. In that meeting, I also met a young enthusiastic Carp fishing guide named Will Muschett. Long story short, we had a cancellation in our shooting schedule and after a few calls, a Carp shoot was set up with Will right smack dab in the center of the city of Peterborough.


After a few days of pre-baiting the area, Will felt we were ready to have a hey-day.

Will was right. No sooner did we set up the rods in the pod, and the bite alarms were screaming… and it lasted all day!

 Our best producing baits were oversized flavoured corn kernels (sweet pineapple & scopex) on a hair rig with about 2-3 ounces of weight (leads as they are called by the pros).

The beauty of Carp fishing is the waiting game and then the breaking of silence from either screaming drags or bite alarms.

I really love getting the chance to fish for “different” fish species like Carp, it really diversifies me as an all-around angler.

If you want a great day of fishing from the bank that won’t break the bank, give Will a call because Peterborough is the place for Carp!

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  1. Carp fishing is certainly a whole other, should I say, “can of worms”! Pet’s adventure reminds me of one of my own….

    A few years back my wife and I were fishing at Promenade Park in Mississauga on the shore of Lake Ontario with a friend, who is an avid Carp enthusiast. It was bitterly cold winter day. We had all the trappings and then some….bait balls, rod, pod, terminal tackle and alarms galore. Everyone was knee deep in snow and casting our lines into the warm open water from the outflow of the former generating station. One thing for sure, when those feisty behemoths did strike, no matter the size or time of year, we had to hang on for our dear lives.

    The sights and sounds of the action sent chills up our backs.

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